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What is a Widget?

A widget is a shortcut to add information to a web page that already exists somewhere else within the KelloggGroups system.

For example, you already have Officer info in the "Officers" area of the club management toolbar. Instead of you having to create your own content box, re-type bios, add pics, names, emails, etc, you just need to copy and paste the Officers widget (below) and that info will automatically appear and be placed within a styled content box.

KelloggGroups Help Site

  1. Widget:To use, simply copy the full widget listed, and paste it on the webpage you wish it to go in your site. It will automatically pull the information and display it. 
    1. Example: Inserting the KelloggGroups Website Helper widget will automatically pull the list of your officers, as well as their positions and role descriptions, and display them on the webpage (Pulls from "Officers" section of your club's dashboard). KelloggGroups Website Helper
  2. RSS Feed: Shows you which of these use an RSS Feed for simple syndication.
  3. Description: Not only shows a description of what each widget is/does, it also provides step by step directions for some widgets that require you to enter additional information to get it to work.
    1. Ex. The slide show widget requires you to enter a photo album tag, height, width and speed of the slide show as well. See the "Create a Slide show" how to for more detailed info on the slide show widget.