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KelloggGroups Refund Policy

All club sales or purchases are not refundable unless explicitly stated otherwise in the event description. Please keep that in mind before you register and pay for a club event. Event deposits are not permitted through the KelloggGroups system.


Allowing Refunds

If your club decides to allow refunds, you must make sure to include the following information in your club event's description:

  1. Name and email of a club officer
    This person will be in charge of the refund process as well as updating the event registration
  2. The range of dates when students can ask for a refund
  3. Amount of money that can be refunded

Please note that all refunds are subject to an additional three (3) percent processing fee imposed by PayPal.

Refund Process if Permitted by Club Officers

If your club has decided to allow refunds for your event, please follow the appropriate link below:

Students requesting a refund follow the instructions on this link.

Officers approving a refund(s), follow the instructions on this link.


For any questions, please email, or