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Advanced Options

KelloggGroups Help Site

  1. Show/Hide Topbar & Footer: Uncheck the box to hide the header or footer of your site.
    1. Downsides: Hiding the header makes member navigation back to their profile page harder. Hiding the footer will take away a few options as well.
  2. Sub-Menu Options: Allows you to display the web pages placed under a menu item as a drop down menu. Displaying the first sub-menu simply displays the first web page you have listed under a menu item. You may want to uncheck this if for example, you have a "Home" menu page, and a "Home" web page as the first page in list.
  3. Blog: It is required that comments be either turned off or password protected. They should never be open to the public.

Other options on this page also include:

  1. Header Background Image
  2. Theme/Skin
  3. CSS
  4. Javascript
  5. Background Image
  6. Sidebar Content
  7. Advanced Header/Footer Design
  8. Google Analytics

Many of these options will be for your more technical team members, but if you know what you are doing they are a great way to spruce up your site.