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Editing a Web Page (Web Pages Cont.)

KelloggGroups Website Helper

  1. Paste From Word Button: Use this when Copy/Pasting from Word, Outlook, or outside source.
  2. Insert/Edit Table: Create a table using this button. In the example above, we made a 1 row, 3 column table to display our content.
  3. Insert/Edit Image: Use this to insert pictures or images into your web page.
  4. Insert Hyperlink: Use the chain link symbol to insert a hyperlink.
  5. Maximize Edit Window: Use this button to full-screen edit the window.

Other Page Options

By scrolling down below the edit page window, you will see more options for the specific page you are editing:

  1. Add side bar content to this page only
  2. Add a page description and keywords for Google's Robot Index
  3. Password protect this specific page
  4. Redirect this page to an outside site
  5. Find this page's URL