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KelloggGroups Website Helper

  1. RSVP Yes/No: The RSVP default is set to “Yes”, but you have the option to decide if you want people to RSVP for your event or not.
    1. Choosing “Yes” gives you quite a bit of functionality for the managing of an event.

      1. When someone registers, the event will automatically be put on their Outlook calendar and update if you edit any information about the event. (Note: this does not happen if they simply import the event off of serial or club calendars without RSVP’ing).

      2. It allows you to see who has registered, as well as contact those who have.
  2. RSVP Pop Up Window: Use this to change the following:
    1. Name of the item people RSVP to or are buying (ex. dry ticket, large shirt, etc.).
    2. Price
    3. Quantity
    4. End Sales Date
    5. End Sales Time
    6. Minimum Per Order
    7. Maximum Per Order
    8. Description
  3. Access Button: Specify who is permitted to RSVP for an event/buy an item. The options are the same as presented in box 6 above.
  4. Add a New Registration Option Button: Add a new level or item people can RSVP for/Purchase. For example, if you are selling shirts or event tickets of different prices.
  5. Open/Close Registration: Close your event manually or set an Open/Close date for your registration/sale.
  6. Change Name of What People Register For: Change the name of the item as it appears on the Officer view of the events list. Number 2 above will change the name of each item listed on the event’s registration page.
  7. Reminder: Use this to send an automatic reminder to registrants. You can customize the message sent and select how many days before the reminder email is sent.
  8. RSVP Personalized Email Confirmation: Change and personalize the RSVP confirmation email sent out to registrants of an event.
  9. Feedback Request: You may choose to have an automatic feedback request email sent out to those that registered for an event.
  10. Display the List of Attendees To: Choose who should be able to see others who have RSVP’d to an event. The default is set to “Logged-on Users Only”.