KVA Leadership Team

We are glad you found us! Feel free to reach out with application questions and get connected with current students to answer any specific questions about career paths, classes, and life and Kellogg!

  • Lucas Cooper
    Co-President Email
  • Cameron Voigt
    Co-President Email
  • James England
    Co-President Email
  • Timothy Becker
    VP Careers Email
  • Woojin Chung
    VP Careers (Consulting) Email
  • Ryan Kowal
    VP Admissions Email
  • Andrew Bush
    VP Finance Email
  • Chili Loewenstern
    VP International Forces Email
  • Jerrod Ditmer
    VP Alumni/Corp Relations Email
  • Aimee Hamilton
    VP Family & Community Email
  • Brian Djaja
    VP Events Email
  • Angie Nordstrom
    VP Marketing Email
  • Nicholas Lee
    VP Marketing Email