• Welcome to the Kellogg Veterans Association

  • Who are we?

    We include former U.S. military
    and Department of Defense
    service-members, as well as
    veterans from foreign militaries.
    The Kellogg Veterans Association (KVA)
    exists for one central purpose:
    to help fellow veterans succeed
    in civilian employment and life.​

KVA Leadership Team

We are glad you found us and hope the information in this website encourages you to engage us early and often--whether a prospective vet student or distinguished KVA Alumni.

  • Douglas Ausenbaugh
    Co-President | Infantry, US ArmyEmail
  • Adam Scott
    VP Admissions Email
  • Kevin Wilson
    Co-President Email
  • Jason Borchik
    Co-President Email
  • Alexandra Sibilla
  • Caroline Sadler
    Co-President | Nuke SWO, USNEmail
  • Jane Baird
    EVP | Surface Warfare, USN Email
  • Aviad Ariel
    VP International Forces | Israeli Defense ForcesEmail
  • Gerry Sapienza
    Admissions | Pilot, US ArmyEmail
  • Thomas Alessi
    VP Alumni/Corp Relations | Nuke SWO, USNEmail
  • Matthew Bednar
    VP Finance/Treasurer | Field Artillery, US ArmyEmail
  • Caroline Kurtz
    VP Operations | US Air ForceEmail
  • Logan Booth
    VP Events | USN ReservesEmail