• Deciding on business schools can be daunting...

    We're here to help.

    If you're considering Kellogg, please reach out to us. We can introduce you to other veterans, give balanced perspectives toward Kellogg, help prepare your application, attend classes, and arrange for you to meet vets.

Let us know who you are!  Reach out directly to one of the veterans below or click below to contact us!

Points of Contact

We encourage you to contact a KVA member from your respective service or for the program in which you are interested. Our members include US military, International, Israeli, and Asian veterans. This person will be your best source for relevant admissions information and assistance with applications.

U.S. Navy

Brendan Mccreary


U.S. Army

Nick Wright


Michael Manzano


U.S. Marine Corps

Sean Gallagher


Victor Battaglia


U.S. Air Force

Ryan Holler


International - Republic of Korea

Scott Lee


Here is a snapshot of some companies who hired Kellogg Veterans