Why Hire Kellogg Veterans?

Leadership Tested

Kellogg Veterans have served in various intense leadership positions--including company commanders, platoon leaders, and section leaders.

Deep Experience

Kellogg Veterans' resumes include combat deployments as well as intense training environments--all of which strengthen character and build deep maturity.

Intense Commitment

Engrained in every Veteran is a sense of duty and commitment to the organization in which we belong.  We bring these values with us as we leave the military and join private organizations.

Diverse Backgrounds

Kellogg Veteran's come from various backgrounds and from various branches of service and military specialties.  The KVA includes Special Operators, Pilots, Intelligence Officers, Logistics Officers, and Submarine Warfare Officers.

Sound good?

The Kellogg Veterans Association (KVA) has many talented veterans who are eager to connect with you and your company. So we encourage you to contact us. We want to help you:

  • Advertise internship or full-time opportunities to vets
  • Organize recruiting events with the KVA (such as Lunch & Learns, happy hour social, etc.)
  • Learn how to attract veterans to your company

Ready to go?

Click the link below to contact us. Additionally, if you're interested in joining our mailing list, click here.