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Welcome Veterans!

The Kellogg Veterans Association (KVA) exists for one central purpose: to help fellow veterans succeed
in civilian employment and life
.  So we are glad you found us and hope the information in this website encourages you to engage us early and often--whether a prospective vet student or distinguished KVA Alumni.



KVA President
Graham Burgess 

Erik McCaffrey 

VP Admissions (US)
Andrew Coe 


VP Recruiting / Corporate Relations
James Lambert 



Our Mission

To help each other plan and advance our post-military lives

We focus on three core areas:

  1. Assisting prospective vet students with applications  |  Applicant Page
  2. Career search support for current students  |  Career Prep
  3. Networking resource for Kellogg veteran-alumni  |  Alumni Page

Our Membership

Who are we?

We include former U.S. military and Department of Defense service-members, as well as veterans from foreign militaries. We are a highly inclusive organization and invite you to contact us if we can help you in any way.