KMC offers a series of events to provide you with the information you need about the companies you care about.  We also have a host of activities that will prepare you for everything you need to know for your marketing interview.

Company Presentations

Understand more about your target companies by attending their presentations.  Topics typically revolve around a company's corporate strategy, previous case studies, sustainability or brand purpose.

Lunch & Learns

Hear more from alumni and other professionals in the marketing field as they walk through their work and get the opportunity to learn more about what to expect in a marketing career.

Day-At Events

These events typically include opportunities to engage with marketers in real companies, learn more about the internship and full-time experiences, participate in a simulated case study, and more.

Marketing Bootcamp

Get a quick overview of Marketing recruiting and understand high level timelines, tips for studying up on industry news and an overview of marketing case questions.

Interview Prep Groups

Led by 2nd years, IPGs support first years with pitch reviews, behavioral interview question practice and case interview preparation.

Retail Store Walks

Understand how brand managers approach in-store activations by thinking through shelving principles, packaging strategies and merchandising tactics as you walk through a retail store.