Club Events

Annual Super Bowl Ad Review

For over a decade, on Superbowl Sunday, a group of Kellogg students led by two professors gather to watch and rigorously appraise Superbowl advertising. Using frameworks developed and learned in the classroom, students generate overall rankings and weigh in on which ads soared and which flopped.

To learn more about this Kellogg tradition, click here.

Case Competitions

Case competitions provide excellent opportunities for Kellogg students to showcase and develop their marketing skills by competing against individuals from other MBA programs in solving actual cases faced by companies. Individuals/teams usually present their findings to company executives and winners typically receive cash prizes.

Notable case competitions include:

  • Harvard Business School Marketing Innovation Case Competition
  • Elite8 hosted by the Carlson School of Management
  • Johnson & Johnson Marketing Case Competition
  • Haas Berkeley Innov8 Competition
  • AB InBev Case Competition

Annual Kellogg Marketing Competition

The Annual Kellogg Marketing Competition (AKMC) showcases the abundant creativity and marketing savvy of the students- Teams of students each take on a real product and are challenged to market it to the Kellogg student body