Marketing Week (Coming November 2023)

Kellogg has been running the Kellogg Marketing Week for over 25 consecutive years.  The Marketing Week celebrates the best in marketing at Kellogg with exciting events that discuss the latest and greatest in the marketing realm.

This past year, Marketing Week was held from November 14 - 18 and highlighted some incredible brands and speakers. Students learned more about what it means to be a marketer in the rapidly evolving Tech space, what a day is like from the perspective of CPG marketers, how to market themselves and establish a personal brand and so much more!

More to come on Marketing Week 2023. Stay tuned and follow us for updates in the fall!

Annual Kellogg Marketing Competition (Coming November 2023)

The Annual Kellogg Marketing Competition (AKMC) is an annual event dedicated to giving first-year Kellogg students an opportunity to use their skills and creativity to work on a marketing campaign from beginning to end. Students form teams of 5-6 students and are assigned randomly to a real product from a sponsoring company. Teams have to create a full marketing campaign around the project, culminating in a special AKMC pitch competition to current brand managers of CPG companies, marketing professors, and KMC executive committee members.

The AKMC facilitates access to popular companies' recruiters and brand managers, and gives participants a great opportunity to exhibit their interest in marketing and to develop stories to share during interviews. Most importantly, AKMC is regarded as one of the most exciting and fun events at Kellogg!

More to come on AKMC 2023. Stay tuned and follow us for updates in the fall!

Super Bowl Ad Review (Coming February 2024)

The biggest night in football is also the biggest night in advertising - the Super Bowl. For the last 18 years, Kellogg has been conducting the Super Bowl Ad Review, in which professors and students will grade the Super Bowl advertisements in real time based on strategic criteria known as the ADPLAN framework and produce a final ranking of their most - and least - effective advertisers.

Join Professors Tim Calkins and Derek Rucker in ranking the Super Bowl ads in real-time and learn how ads can help build brands, drive sales, and boost a company's profits through an evening of sporting excitement in February 2024.

More to come on SBAR 2024. Stay tuned and follow us for updates in the Winter!