On Campus

Coffee Chats: Many companies recruiting at Kellogg will offer times to meet with students in an informal format. Students can ask informational questions to get to know the company and its culture a bit better.

Lunch & Learns: Students can engage with companies through Lunch & Learns, which cover a variety of topics ranging from case studies to "Day in the Life" workshops. These lunches provide students with an informal environment to learn more about interesting companies and relevant happenings in the marketing world.

Off Campus

Treks: Participate in a 1 or 2 day student-led career trek, in which you can visit companies in a targeted area for an in-depth look at marketing across industries.

Shadow Days: Some companies will host a shadow or immersion day, in which you get visibility to a true "day in the life" of a marketer. This often includes interactive case studies, workshops, and opportunities to network with current team members. Depending on the company, it may be on-site or on-campus.

KMC Community

Networking Nights: Come out and meet second years who interned in a marketing role this past summer! A variety of companies within CPG, tech, consulting, retail, and more will be represented. Get your questions answered about your target companies, the marketing recruiting process, and anything else on your mind - we are here to help!