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Why Kellogg is Awesome for Tech

It's not just because 30% of Kellogg students found full time jobs in tech in 2021. It's not just because over 70 of the world's top tech companies recruit Kellogg students each year; this list includes Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, LinkedIn, and more. It's not just because KTech delivers high-impact programs and resources including Tech Bootcamps, Interview Prep Groups, and the Tech Interview Case Book.

Kellogg is incredible for tech because the school offers an unparalleled combination of world-renowned faculty, cutting-edge technology courses, ample experiential learning opportunities, supportive, engaged alumni, and an indelible collaborative, student-led culture. This "magic sauce" ensures students are prepared to thrive in the fast-paced, innovative tech industry.

Kellogg's marketing roots have developed a culture of customer-obsession which helps our students thrive in the world of Tech. At the same time, • collaboration - a key Kellogg value - is the bedrock of Tech culture. In 2022, our top recruiters for full-time hire included Google (13), Amazon (48), Meta (7), Apple Inc. (4), Adobe Systems (8), Microsoft (4), VISA (5), Wayfair (5), and Intuit (4).

Technology Coursework in the Kellogg MBA Program

Kellogg offers incredible breadth and depth of courses directly related to technology, and a specialized Technology Management Pathway which can help you plan your journey to tech more effectively. There are more than 25 relevant courses, the most popular of which are "Product Management for Technology Companies", "Human & Machine Intelligence", "Technology Marketing", "Customer Analytics and AI", "Making Decisions with Big Data", "AI & Future of Work", "Blockchain Technology, Digital Assets, and the Future of Finance" and "Introduction to Software Development". Kellogg's approach to majors and academic pathways gives students the flexibility and guidance they need to carve out a unique academic experience that is tailored to their specific educational and career goals.

The Technology Management Pathway can help students navigate the course options, through the course recommendation list. This list features the best courses for each of the three most popular tech careers: Product Management, Product Marketing, and Business Operations / Strategy / Business Development.

Notable Kellogg Alumni

The Kellogg brand spans the technology industry. It can be felt from Seattle and Silicon Valley, where Kellogg sends 80% of its technology-bound alumni, to New York City's growing technology sectors in media, finance, and entrepreneurship. The school's presence is not only wide, but deep, as many industry-leaders hail from Kellogg's MBA program, including Intuit's CMO, Facebook's CMO, Apple Retail's CFO, Microsoft's CPO, HP's CTO, Kayak's CEO/Co-founder and Tencent's President.

Technology Beyond the Classroom

The learning experience does not only live in the classroom. Kellogg's tech education gives students the opportunity to practice classroom learnings in real-world scenarios.

  • Kellogg is home to multiple student-lead clubs with emphases on technology including the KTech, eClub (entrepreneurship), and Kellogg's Data and Analytics Club which attract speakers and alumni from the world's leading tech firms.
  • The Kellogg on Growth forum brings together key thought leaders to share the latest strategies on business growth within technology-focused panels and many others industries.
  • The Garage is Northwestern's shared workspace and hosts students from multiple disciplines to collaborate, innovate, and create new businesses. As a compliment to The Garage, NUSeeds is an innovation fund designed to accelerate the launch of Northwestern's promising early-stage ventures.

Careers in Technology

Kellogg is consistently lauded for its cross-disciplinary curriculum, collaborative culture, and career management resources that prepare students to thrive within the tech industry.

This means that Kellogg graduates are being sought out by leading technology firms for a range of roles:

  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Strategy & Operations
  • Finance
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Business Development

The school's world-class Career Management Center supports students' recruiting efforts and hosts numerous company presentations and networking sessions that facilitate connections between students and their future employers.