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With the CMC

Alumni Career Services - If you are an alum looking to access the Kellogg Job Board (formerly KCN) job listings, please visit the Alumni Career Services website. The Kellogg Job Board had over 3,000 jobs posted for alumni last year.

With Current Students

1. Posting job & internship opportunities for current students

  • Kellogg Job Board Posting – If you are an alum and/or recruiter who would like to post a job for summer internships or full-time jobs (for either graduating students or alumni), please click here. There is no charge for employers to post a position.

2. Connecting with current students

  • KTech Alumni Mentorship Program – The alumni mentorship program is designed to help Kellogg students hit the ground running in their full-time roles and internships through informal mentorship with current alumni
  • Strengthen relationships between Kellogg and top tech firms by building deep connections with current alumni
  • As a mentor, you will be setting up fellow Kellogg alumni for success and helping to develop the next generation of talent at your company. We hope this will also be a valuable way to develop relationships with the incoming class as well as practice coaching and mentorship skills
  • To be added to a list of interested alumni, please email KTech exec at ktech-exec@kellogg.northwestern.edu