• Recruiting For Tech

Recruiting For Tech at Kellogg

An increasing percentage of our students seek jobs in large technology firms. In the 2018 graduating class, 1 in 4 students were recruited into technology positions. Students from diverse backgrounds are looking to enter the tech industry in product management, product marketing management, and operations and strategy. As a community driven by the pay-it-forward culture, we run multiple student-led programs to help students succeed in their tech recruiting endeavors at Kellogg.


Intern Panels

Hosted by second years, Intern Panels are an opportunity for incoming students to engage directly with 2nd year students who interned at large technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and many more.

Tech Bootcamp

This half day bootcamp is hosted within the first 3 weeks of Fall quarter, and is a primer for the entire tech recruiting process and timeline.

Flavors Of Tech

With the introduction of a variety of Tech roles in companies across industries, Flavors of Tech aims at disambiguating the careers paths available to someone interested in entering the tech industry.


Interview Prep Groups

Led by 2nd year students, IPGs prepare first-years for interviews with tech companies. The groups meet each week during recruiting season and help students with all facets of the recruiting process., including resume reviews, behavioral/fit prep and technical case interviews.

Interview Prep Sessions

For students who have secured interview invites, these are tailored prep sessions by 2nd years who have successfully gone through the recruiting process for the companies they are interviewing with.


Internship Prep Sessions

Beyond recruiting, we continue to support students about to head into their internships by hosting panels with students who have interned at those companies to learn from their experiences and be prepared to hit the ground running.