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Connecting with KTech

Kellogg is home to a large number of students who are passionate about technology. There are a number of ways for our corporate partners to engage with them! Doing so gives you access to top MBA talent and increases your presence on the Kellogg campus.

Please contact KTech exec to discuss sponsorship. A few potential areas for sponsorship are:

  • Tech Talks - Engage with students that are interested in learning more about your company. This format allows you to present a wide range of topics; suggestions include an overview of your company, a recent product launch story, industry trends, latest company initiatives, and career opportunities
  • Case Competitions - Case competitions give corporate partners the ability to identify top talent interested in their company and to receive impactful ideas fresh viewpoints on a real-world problem that they are facing
  • Club Newsletter - Our newsletter is distributed to students twice per week and is an ideal way to promote your company events at Kellogg and to highlight MBA career opportunities at your company. With more than 900 members receiving our newsletter, there is no better way to reach this targeted group. To contribute to our newsletter, please contact KTech exec with a detailed description of the post. This should include the preferred post date, a blurb of 500 characters or less and relevant contact information

We are also happy to explore new opportunities to partner. To discuss what we might be able to do together, please email ktech-exec@kellogg.northwestern.edu

Connecting with Kellogg's Career Management Center

  • Company Presentations - For formal company presentations and to participate in Kellogg's on campus networking events, please contact the Kellogg Career Management Center
  • Kellogg Job Board - Please follow these directions on the to create an account and post to the Kellogg job board. This page will include FAQ's on the process including how to create an account to post on the job board.

For more information on connecting with Kellogg students, contact KTech Exec and Kellogg Corporate Partnerships