• Kellogg Energy and Sustainability Club

Climate change is the social issue and business opportunity of our time, and we work to equip Kellogg leaders with the capabilities needed to lead the climate transition.

Business leaders will play a key role in the transition towards decarbonizing the world. With our club, we want to prepare Kellogg MBA students for this transition by inspiring the broad community through thought leading content, empowering leaders to integrate sustainability in their careers and connecting students to build a thoughtful community.

A club for changemakers

More than two hundred years ago, the Industrial Revolution started. It brought in an era of unprecedented economic growth, led to new job opportunities and created technologies that are making our lives easier every day. Unfortunately, this revolution was also fueled by fossil fuels. Global greenhouse gas emissions rapidly increased, resulting in unprecedented levels of global warming in the human era.

A new Industrial Revolution is needed. One that is built on the new exciting opportunities that the climate transition brings. The Kellogg Energy & Sustainability Club (KESC) aims to provide business leaders with the tools to take advantage from this transition while making their impact on the world.


We are focused on inspiring the whole Kellogg ecosystem to engage on energy & sustainability. We do this through a number of means: content building, events, climate conference, case competition, etc.


The climate transition can sometimes be overwhelming as there are tons of new technologies, policies, job opportunities, etc. We host a lot of educational events, offer resources to learn more and have a dedicated team that help in students' job search.


The interest in Energy & Sustainability is huge and will not stop growing anytime soon. Through community events, alumni engagement and integration in external communities, we want to provide a sense of connection.

"What we face may look insurmountable, but what I learned is that we are always stronger than we know" - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Have a look at what we do in practice:


As a club, we believe it is imperative that business leaders are equipped to take advantage of the opportunities that the climate transition brings. That’s why our academics team partners closely with the faculty to see how we can further strengthen the academic opportunities around energy & sustainability at the school. You can find more about us and the academics at Kellogg here.


While the academic opportunities at school offer students an opportunity to learn about established areas of energy & sustainability, our educational events bring in external thought leaders to talk about developing areas in the climate transition. In this way, students can be on the cutting edge of climate topics and understand which career opportunities make sense for them.

Kellogg Climate Conference

Our Kellogg Climate Conference brings together students, faculty, industry leaders and other stakeholders within the climate ecosystem. For one day, keynote speakers, moderators and panelists inspire and empower attendees by sharing their thought leadership on topics related to the climate transition. Through multiple networking opportunities, we hope that students can find a sense of community here and potentially explore career opportunities.

KESC Case Competition

One learns by doing: that is the starting point of our Kellogg Energy & Sustainability Club Case Competition. Through a contemporary sustainability business issue, student teams from different MBA schools are challenged to find a solution and compete for the winning prize. During the event, students get exposure to sustainability companies through different networking opportunities.


As future business leaders, we also have a responsibility to empower others interested in the climate transition. Since an MBA offers many opportunities to learn and connect with industry thought leaders, we want to recognize this privilege and use it to share knowledge with the broader Kellogg community and outside. We do this through a weekly newsletter and our blog.

Career Support

Recruiting in energy & sustainability can be overwhelming. Given the momentum, there are tons of roles, industries and climate verticals to choose from. Our careers team helps students in their career search through dedicated sustainability career resources, a curated overview of career opportunities and the integration of energy & sustainability in Kellogg’s overall career resources.


You are not alone as a Kellogg MBA student interested in energy & sustainability.

Our community team organizes several events to encourage connections between our more than 450 members and the outside climate community. The team also makes sure that we have a motivated, close team of exec members to build a stronger sustainability offering.