BMA Events

BMA Conference

The BMA Conference (BMAC) is the longest-running student-led conference at Kellogg. For more than three decades, BMAC has brought together students, alumni, faculty, and executives to discuss the importance of diversity in the business world.

BMA Retreat

Historically attended by nearly every black student at Kellogg, the BMA retreat is a milestone weekend-long event at the beginning of the academic year that creates and solidifies the strong social and professional bonds that make the BMA special. Along with cementing those bonds, the retreat provides programming and resources to help first-year students navigate their two years at Kellogg.

Black History Month

Each February, the BMA hosts a number of events throughout Black History Month to celebrate our rich history and to share that history with the greater Kellogg community. Our staple events are "A Night at the Apollo," a talent show featuring undergraduate and graduate Northwestern students, and our Sunday Soul Brunch. Past events include speaking engagements with members of the Obama administration, museum visits, movie screenings, and student panels.

Minority Networking Reception

The Minority Networking Reception (MNR) is an opportunity for companies to gain early recruiting access to Kellogg students who are members of the BMA, the Africa Business Club (ABC), and the Hispanic Management Association (HMA). The reception offers first- and second-year students and participating companies an opportunity to engage on a more intimate level in a non-evaluative capacity to cultivate meaningful relationships that can potentially lead to employment.

Social Gatherings

We take as many opportunities as we can to come together as a family: potlucks, game nights, community service projects – you name it! Not only are social gatherings a way for us to have fun and support one another, but they also bring the familial aspect of our mission to life.