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  • Black Management Association

    Full-time Clubs - Cultural/Affinity

    Website Mission Contact: Dabney Jean, Darenae Evans, Traci O'Hara, Email group officers

    The Mission of the Kellogg Black Management Association is to develop Black leaders within the community through professional and personal initiatives that create a supportive environment; enhance career development; and attract top talent. We also utilize our active membership, extensive alumni base, and rich history, to support the development, network, and community of our members.


    • Foster an environment amongst the BMA community that encourages empowerment, teamwork, leadership, academic excellence, and immersion in the greater Kellogg community;

    • Execute high-quality, enlightening programs and events that strengthen the BMA Community and build the BMA brand;

    • Partner with the Admissions Office to continually increase the number of African-Americans and people of African descent enrolling in Kellogg;

    • Provide tools and resources to prepare students for the career search, planning and advancement process during and beyond Kellogg;

    • Build a support system for our membership throughout their time at Kellogg and the rest of their professional careers;

    • Represent the concerns of the BMA Community to Faculty & Staff to refine the Kellogg experience for all parties involved and gather feedback from membership to continuously improve processes;

    • Develop networking opportunities for the BMA Community through alliances with internal groups, greater Chicagoland groups, and peer Business School groups;

    • Utilize and develop Kellogg Black Alumni Association to provide additional opportunities for interaction between current students and Alumni and among the Alumni community itself.

    • Further strengthening our relationships with TMP and EMP students of African descent.

    (Ends at Graduation)
    Will end at Graduation