Welcome to the Africa Business Club

Our vision is to ignite a passion for Africa as a hub of innovation and excellence in global business. By embracing our core values: (1) African Excellence, (2) Disruptive Thinking, (3) Collective Prosperity, (4) Authentic Identity, (5) Upbeat Energy, we aim to elevate the presence of Africa at Kellogg and empower a new generation of KELLOGG LEADERS who will drive progress and prosperity on the continent and beyond.

Our Values

African Excellence

Disruptive Thinking

Collective Prosperity

Authentic Identity

Africa is the Future - TK

  • Mustapha Baryoh
    VP Finance/Treasurer Email
  • Cassandra Esinaulo
    Brand Strategy - First Year Director Email
  • Oluwatobi Alebiosu
    Co-President Email
  • Opeyemi Awe
    VP Community & Partnerships Email
  • Oladolapo Bello
    VP Personal & Professional Development Email
  • Ebuka Nwaka
    Co-President Email

For more information reach out to any ABC team member of  abc@kellogg.northwestern.edu