Our Mission

Operate as a family

We truly care about each other. In moments of conflict, we operate with a generosity of spirit and collectively work towards a solution. We celebrate team success and value each member's unique strengths, experiences, and perspectives. We work together. We study together. We have fun together.

Provide career support

We support members throughout their journey to secure internships and full-time positions. We help members learn more about companies/industries, navigate the recruiting process successfully, and practice interviewing. We will lean on each other as we advance throughout our careers.

Provide academic support

Given our individual strengths, backgrounds, and experiences, we lend our expertise as needed. This assitance includes encouraging members to sign up for tutoring sessions, visiting faculty and TAs during office hours, and consulting students who have previously mastered the material.

Build a coalition of allies

We acknowledge the unique opportunity to engage the broader Kellogg community in conversations that stress the power of diversity in the workplace. We believe that increasing our peers' consciousness of race and its impact on equal opportunity will only strengthen our global impact.