Welcome to Social Impact Club at Kellogg!

At Kellogg, we believe that business can and should be used to improve the world. Moreover, the most compelling frontier in any discipline, industry, or sector—be it finance or marketing; consumer goods or consulting; social enterprise, nonprofit, business, or government—is where innovators are using the business toolkit to drive social progress. To that end, the Social Impact Club at Kellogg aims to connect, educate, inspire, and equip brave leaders who are ready and willing to advance these frontiers and transform the world. Our goal is to ensure that students and alumni are thinking about impact in everything they do - all the time - regardless of their industry or function.

"We need leaders who fully grasp that markets, while highly efficient, are not fair, kind, or wise."
Former Dean Sally Blount

Quick Facts

Kellogg offers 37 courses that address a wide range of social impact interests

75% of students join at least one of 12 social impact clubs at Kellogg

Each year, 100+ first-year students conduct 10-week consulting projects for local nonprofits

Each year, 50 students serve on a nonprofit board through the Kellogg Board Fellows program

The Kellogg Social Impact Club was awarded the 2022-2023 Net Impact Graduate School Chapter of the Year in recognition of the incredible programming we provide for the Kellogg student body.