About us


Mission Statement:

KICC provides an experiential learning opportunity for members to positively contribute to society

by applying their professional experience

and business training through pro-bono consulting projects

to assist local or internationally-based mission-driven organizations in solving their strategic business needs.

Each year, we partner with 30+ organizations in Chicago and globally to provide our 9-week-long pro-bono consulting projects. We connect each organization with a team of 4-5 consultants to deliver our key area of work in strategic planning, market entry, fundraising strategy, growth strategy, operation, organization, and brand awareness.

KICC welcomes all range of involvement from the Kellogg community - student, JV and faculty. Our value proposition for the consulting team is:

Unique opportunity to apply and cultivate your business background, interest, and learning

Exposure to real consulting projects with real business problems

Valuable experiences going into recruiting process and career search

Chance to get off campus and give back to the community

KICC aspires to be inclusive and equitable in providing our partnership opportunity, particularly by being proactive in reaching the underserved target groups. Our offering for the partner organization is:

Access to a team of highly qualified and energetic consultants

Exposure to outside ideas and fresh perspectives on your organization or business

Resources to tackle problems that you might not have the expertise or capabilities to handle on your own

Tangible deliverable after a 9-week project

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