Kellogg Family Business Organization

KFBO is a sub-group within FEC (Family Enterprise Club) consisting of students from family business backgrounds. KFBO members commit to the monthly meetings, in a format modeled on the YPO process. Students present issues, ask questions, counsel each other, and get to know the unique challenges of a family business (involvement in family business, succession planning, family conflicts, etc). Past KFBO participants have found it to be one of their most valuable experiences at Kellogg as they are able to share issues through deeper, more meaningful conversations. This unique forum is application-based to ensure the commitment of members and to maintain the confidentiality of shared experiences within the group. If you have a family enterprise (start-up, operating business, or family office), we encourage you to apply. You are encouraged to apply irrespective of whether you have previously worked or plan to work in your family enterprise. For more info, please contact our VP of KFBO.