About us

The Family Enterprise Club aims to develop the awareness of and interest in the "Family Enterprise" dimension of business within and beyond the Kellogg Community.

The Kellogg Family Enterprise Club activities include consulting, support, social events, keynote speakers, networking, and access to relevant materials, all of which represent the Club's foundations.

  • Kelsey Heinen
    VP KFBO Email
  • Vinay Rayala
    Director Strategic Initiatives Email
  • Bryan Taruno
    Director KFBO Email
  • Edward Gottwald
    Director Academics Email
  • Harshit Juneja
    Director Social Email
  • Arlene Johnson
  • Sable Worthy
    VP Events Email
  • Nikos Orologopoulos
    VP Strategic Initiatives Email
  • Ana Reyes Monroy
    Treasurer Email
  • Franz Voss
    President Email
  • Ali Kotoch
  • Gumer Ventura Escobar
    VP Academics Email
  • Kathleen Coughlin