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Venture Capital Pathway at Kellogg

The VC/PE pathway emphasizes financial, operational, and strategic skills for venture capital investors, adds approaches to corporate governance for growth equity investors, and provides a greater emphasis on accounting and financial skills for LBOs and corporate restructuring. In addition to the Evanston classes, students interested in working for start-ups (series B and further) or venture capital firms should consider the San Francisco immersion program offered in the winter.

Faculty sponsors: Kathleen Hagerty (Finance), Jose Liberti (Finance) and Paola Sapienza (Finance)

1 | Foundational

Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital
FINC 445

2 | Depth

Advanced Topics in Venture Investing
FINC 982-5

Global Entrepreneurial Finance
FINC 477

Financing and Business Models for Early Stage Health Care Firms
HCAK 927

Operations Strategy
OPNS 454

Strategy Implementation
MORS 455

Marketing Strategy
MKTG 466

3 | Engagement / Lab / Experiential

Venture Lab (V-Lab)
FINC 615