Welcome to Kellogg's Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club

Who we are

Are you interested in pursuing entrepreneurial careers or venture capital recruiting opportunities? We got you! Here, at Kellogg Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital club, we aim to facilitate the recruiting process for the students interested in startups, VCs, and corporate entrepreneurship. We provide you with multiple tools that you'll need for entrepreneurship and VC industry recruiting.

Our mission is

We educate, connect, and support students interested in pursuing entrepreneurial career paths in startups, corporate entrepreneurship, and careers in venture capital. We also serve as a network for student and alumni founders, managers, and investors passionate about the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

What we offer to Kellogg students

Educating & Inspiring

Lunch & Learns

Panel Events

Case Competitions

Course Guides

Kellogg Innovation & entrepreneurship Initiative

Entrepreneurship pathway

VC & PE pathway


Alumni Databases

Alumni Mentorship

Networking Guides

Community Support


Recruiting Guides



Interview practice groups

Focus Areas


Venture Capital

Social entrepreneurship

What Kellogg students say about us

"The community is the best part. It was so refreshing to know others were going through the same struggles I was"

"Getting advice from more seasoned entrepreneurs was invaluable as I worked on my venture at Kellogg"

"It was so valuable hearing what my classmates were up to and knowing who to turn to for help"