• Kellogg Real Estate Club

Your Real Estate Career Starts Here.

About Us

The Kellogg Real Estate Club (KREC) is a professional club at the Kellogg School of Management that supports students pursuing a career in real estate. KREC helps facilitate the following opportunities for its members:

  • To learn about real estate and the various opportunities within the industry
  • To foster relationships between students, alumni and other professionals within the real estate community
  • To network with various real estate firms throughout the world


The mission of the Kellogg Real Estate Club is to serve Kellogg students and JVs who are interested in learning more about the real estate industry or are pursuing a career in the field. KREC leverages a powerful community of part-time students, industry professionals, faculty, and alumni to strengthen educational and career opportunities for Kellogg students.

The Real Estate Experience at Kellogg

Real Estate is a core focus area at Kellogg, from academics to career services to student-led extracurriculars.

  • Academics: Students who wish to pursue opportunities in real estate can elect to the Real Estate Pathway and participate in many different experiential learning opportunities.
  • Career: The Career Management Center connects students to leading real estate companies and gives students the resources and personalized coaching needed to manage their career.
  • Student Organizations: The Real Estate Club coordinates professional and learning opportunities, provides mentoring, and prepares students for a career in real estate.

Learn more about what makes us different, including our academic offerings and annual Real Estate Treks. If you have any questions please reach out to us at realestateclub@kellogg.northwestern.edu