The P@K team is dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for LGBTQIA+ students to connect and thrive at Kellogg.​

Tara (she/her/hers)

To be honest, I didn’t think much about the LGBTQ+ community when choosing between MBA programs. As someone who identifies as bisexual and who never really had an LGBTQ+ community pre Kellogg, I didn’t think I would “fit in” to a LGBTQ+ space (and I certainly never thought I would be co-president!). After meeting folks in P@K at DAK and upon matriculating, I instantly felt comfortable and that I had found a “home” within Kellogg. I feel privileged to help ensure that other current and prospective LGBTQ+ students feel the same!

Andrew Engber (he/him/his)

The size, visibility, and energy of the Pride@Kellogg community was a huge reason why I chose Kellogg. While I have always been involved in leading LGBTQ+ groups, I continue to be impressed by the holistic support that P@K provides for queer students, from assisting applicants through the application process to supporting queer students through recruiting to organizing some of the most fun events at Kellogg (like Drag Showcase). So many of my greatest Kellogg memories and friends have come from P@K, and I’m excited to pay it forward and try to make P@K even better this year :)

Kristen Klein (she/her/hers)
VP of Ally Relations

Now, more than ever, it has become clear that intersectionality and allyship need to be integrated throughout all of our lives. P@K is one of the most visible groups at Kellogg, and has the opportunity and responsibility to create a strong sense of allyship for the entire student body. I wanted to get involved in P@K’s Allyship team both to enhance the existing allyship sentiments for the LGBTQ+ community and broaden P@K’s own role as an ally for other affinity groups.

Margot Dale (she/her/hers)
VP of Ally Relations

I chose to get involved in P@K because I have a responsibility to be an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community - it’s my work to do. While on my own personal journey to being a better ally, I want to provide opportunities and models to also help others fulfill their responsibility to this work. However, the goal of allyship is not the label or self-identification - it’s the daily, ongoing practice of identifying and eliminating injustice from the "inside-out" in the Kellogg community and beyond. I hope to do this by lifting up the queer community, amplifying and centering the discussion around queer voices, and recognizing the inextricable importance of intersectionality in the role of an ally.

Jake Sandor (he/him/his)
VP of Prospective Students

I first visited Kellogg during P@K Preview Day, which happened to fall on the last day of Pride Week. I remember walking into the Global Hub and being blown away not just by rainbows and pride flags everywhere, but also by the incredible energy the entire Kellogg student body had during the days programming and the annual Drag Showcase. I’m so proud to be part of such an inclusive and supportive community and am excited for the opportunity to help make Kellogg the business school of choice for all LGBTQ+ applicants.

Jamal Little (he/him/his)
VP of Prospective Students
Pride Week Co-chair

Coming to business school, I knew I wanted to be actively involved with Pride@Kellogg. From my first visit during the LGBT preview day to my first time dressing up in drag for Drag Showcase, P@K has been involved in some of my favorite moments at Kellogg. I am excited to pay it forward--by highlighting the diversity and inclusivity of P@K and Kellogg to both prospective students and our own peers.

Adam Wolford (he/him/his)
Pride Week Co-Chair

Kellogg provided me my first queer community both professionally and personally. I am thankful for the mentors I have discovered through P@K who consistently support me in my journey and show strength through theirs. I chose to co-chair Pride Week because for me, it was a pivotal moment at Kellogg where I was able to see the manifestation of collaboration with P@K and allyship with the broader Kellogg community.

Jeanette Stock (she/her/hers)
VP of Engagement

P@K is a big part of what made Kellogg feel like home to me, and it’s something I hope to help extend to the rest of the LGBTQ+ community at Kellogg! The Engagement team is about connecting with each other, building a community for all LGBTQ+ folks at Kellogg, and forging friendships that will last long after we graduate.

Sophia Wennstedt (she/her/hers)
VP of Engagement

P@K is full of amazingly supportive and fun individuals who come together to make an even better community! When I’m with P@K, I can be my truest self. On the Engagement team this year, I’m excited to craft events to bring the LGBTQ+ community at Kellogg together for other folx to embrace their truest selves, and to engage with the broader Kellogg community of allies.

Graeme Murphy (he/him/his)
VP of Engagement

Even before coming to Kellogg, I saw Pride@Kellogg as a vibrant community where students are interested in getting to know each other on a personal level. Some days at business school (usually those full of networking and recruiting activities) can get very long and this only makes the space that P@K creates for all to come as their authentic selves that much more special. As a VP of engagement, I seek to give back to P@K by working to create community for others.

Chris Biondi (he/him/his)
VP of Strategic Initiatives

A strong LGBTQIA+ community was a major factor for me when deciding between business schools. P@K was by far the most engaging and inclusive LGBTQIA+ community that I came across. After serving as First Year Director, I was enthused by the creative freedom of the Strategic initiatives team and its high-impact initiatives. AS VP, I hope to move P@K forward by raising visibility, promoting intersectionality, and further engaging the P@K community.

Emily Reeves (she/her/hers)
VP of Alumni

The P@K community extends far beyond the Hub to all of the amazing LGBTQ+ folks who have passed through Kellogg. I love bringing people together, so as VP of alumni, I plan to foster relationships with and among P@K alumni through mixers and news from the Hub.

Julian Ordman (he/him/his)
VP of Career - Non-consulting

The strength and inclusivity of its LGBTQ+ community was one of the biggest reasons I decided on Kellogg. As VP of Careers, I’m excited to leverage P@K’s supportive community to help members achieve career success during and after business school.

Jeff Hochhauser (he/him/his)
VP Careers - Consulting

From my first interaction with P@K, it has provided me with a strong community, unimaginable support network, and incredible group of friends. In addition, the community, P@K was pivotal in my recruiting process - support from second years and connections with LGBTQIA+ firm members provided me with a foundation to be successful in my job search. As VP Careers – Consulting, I hope to continue the tradition of helping every student in P@K get the support they need to secure the jobs they came to Kellogg to get.

Roshan Ray (he/him/his)
VP Finance

My coming out journey began a few weeks before starting at Kellogg, and the supportive community I’ve found in P@K has been so important as I navigated the process. As VP of Finance, I help to ensure the P@K has sufficient support from the school and sponsors to continue putting on incredible events for its members and the broader Kellogg community.

Anna Koelsch (she/her/hers)
VP of Advocacy

Not only has P@K provided a supportive and warm community for so many at Kellogg, but it has also honed its voice advocating for equity.

I hope to continue strengthening P@K’s voice both inside and outside of the Hub through supporting other affinity groups, advocating for change at Kellogg, galvanizing civic engagement for the 2020 US election, and leveraging our unique platform originally developed for the LGBTQIA+ community to fight for black lives and black trans lives.

Peter Xi (he/him/his)
VP International Experience

Kellogg is my first time living in the U.S., and my personal experiences have made me especially attuned to the unique challenges international P@Kees might face. That’s why I started the international experience team within P@K. As VP of International Experience, I am passionate about strengthening the relationship among all P@Kees and providing all international P@Kees with dedicated resources to support the transition into the MBGay life in Evanston!

Sheena Patel (she/her/hers)
VP of Marketing

The P@K community plays a critical role in fostering community and allyship for LGBTQIA+ Kellogg students. As the VP of Marketing, I hope to strengthen the brand of P@K and bolster advocacy and allyship of our community. I plan to do this by amplifying the voices of our students and creating a non-judgemental conversation that helps educate Kellogg students who are seeking knowledge or progressing through their own journey.