Prospective Students

Be Part of Kellogg's Future

Kellogg's culture promotes diversity as a resource for effective teamwork, leadership and overall communication. This spirit really exists at Kellogg and we experience it every day. In 2003, Kellogg was rated one of the most gay-friendly business schools in the United States, when Aplomb Consulting gave us a grade of "A" in its survey of gay friendliness. In 2005, the Kellogg student body elected an openly gay student body president, which was direct testimony to Kellogg's open and welcoming culture. In 2008, The Advocate magazine featured Pride@Kellogg as an important part of Kellogg and the Kellogg culture. Kellogg recently won the Friendfactor Challenge, a friendly competition between LGBT MBA Clubs to promote engagement and creating LGBT-friendly campus cultures through allyship. Every year, Pride@Kellogg (P@K) sponsored events—from speakers to National Coming Out Day events to our annual TG—are well-attended by the Kellogg community. As a prospective/admitted student, P@K has a number of resources available to you.

Visiting Kellogg

P@K is happy to host prospective/admitted LGBT students visiting Kellogg. Please contact our Prospectives team to schedule your visit. We will be happy to give you a tour of Kellogg, introduce you to P@K members over lunch and help you with the decision process.

Events for Prospective Students

P@K works closely with the Office of Admissions to reach out to prospective LGBT students during the application process. Every year we partner with the Office of Admissions to host prospective LGBT students on campus for Pride@Kellogg Preview Day, which is a half-day of tailored programming to help prospective LGBT students gain a greater understanding of the queer experience at Kellogg.  P@K Preview Day for the 2018–2019 Academic Year is on Friday, October 12, 2018. Please check the Office of Admissions website for the latest information on Preview Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I meet with current P@K members when I visit Kellogg?

A: Yes! We highly recommend that prospective students visit Kellogg to get a first-hand experience of the Kellogg culture, student body and faculty. We would like you to be our guest while at Kellogg. We can meet you for lunch, have a conversation over coffee, or fit in a meeting during a gap in your visit schedule.

Q: Should I be out in my application ?

A: Some members of P@K were out in their applications and others were not. In the application form, you will have the option to self-identify as LGBT when filling our your personal information. If you feel that being a part of the LGBT community has material relevance to your application and you are comfortable discussing it, then we would encourage you to include it in your application. For example, your sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression may have been part of an issue that arose at work that turned out to be a learning experience, helping you to grow substantially as a person. Alternatively, you may also choose to discuss in the Activities section of the application any LGBT-related clubs and organizations to which you have contributed. Topics like these—which address why you are a strong candidate for Kellogg—will give your application a personal touch and can be helpful.

Q: Will everybody at Kellogg know that I'm LGBT if I was out in my application?

A: No. The Office of Admissions respects the confidentiality of such disclosures. You will not be "outed" because you were open about your sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity in your essays.

Q: How many people belong to Pride@Kellogg?

A: There are more than 70 active student members in P@K. This group is enhanced by Kellogg faculty, staff and partners.

Q: Is Pride@Kellogg only for LGBTQ students?

A: Not at all! Pride@Kellogg is an affinity group open to the entire Kellogg community, including allies. In fact, many of P@K's events focus on the broader Kellogg community, including Drag TG and Ally Week.

Q: What if I am not interested in being out at Kellogg?

A: Several members of P@K are out to other P@K members but are not out to the rest of the school. We are firmly committed to supporting all LGBT Kellogg students regardless of how "out" they chose to be. For this reason, a policy of confidentiality is maintained at every event that we organize. We also provide a support network for those who want to discuss personal matters confidentially.

Q: Can I be out during recruiting?

A: Many P@K members are out during the job search process at Kellogg. Several major firms hold specific recruiting events for LGBT students, and P@K actively builds relationships with prospective employers/recruiters.

Q: What type of activities does P@K offer?

A: Our social calendar is packed! From big school-wide events like Drag TG, to small group dinners, to P@K group trips to SoulCycle, we have a robust schedule of social and recruiting activities.

Q; How are partners involved with P@K?

A: Partners are welcome to participate in all P@K activities and in any Kellogg activity open to significant others. Partners take on leadership roles in P@K and join for our regular social events. Partners can also choose to join Joint Ventures (JVs), Kellogg's association for significant others. Several P@K JVs live in Evanston while their partners complete the Kellogg program.

Q: Who can I contact for more information?

A; If you have any further questions, please feel free to email our Prospectives team!