Accelerate Your Career at Kellogg

As part of its mission to help Pride@Kellogg members achieve professional success, P@K works closely with its alumni, the Kellogg Career Management Center and individual corporations and firms to develop the professional talents of its members.

Throughout the academic year, P@K facilitates interview preparation sessions and alumni coaching. P@K members are actively recruited by companies in all industries, especially as an increasing number of firms specifically target LGBT students as part of diversity recruiting efforts. P@K is also an active participant in the annual Reaching Out MBA conference.During the past academic years, these highlighted companies held recruiting activities in conjunction with P@K. For additional information, please contact the P@K VP of Careers Ryan GossSid Gupta & Mohit Bhatia.

Career Support from Pride@Kellogg

In addition to the resources for diverse communities provided by Kellogg's Career Management Center (CMC), P@K provides customized, one-on-one career support for all it members from admission through acceptance of a full-time position.

Upon enrolling at Kellogg, P@K's VP of Careers will be in touch to gauge your career interests and level of support desired, and then connect you with a current student within P@K to act as your mentor.

Career support includes:

• Individual coaching with P@K buddy

• Individual coaching with CMC's diversity lead

• Industry research support

• Resume review

• Industry-focused interview preparation workshops

• Behavioral and technical interview preparation

Interested in a specific industry or job function? No problem! The P@K alumni network is well-represented across the broad array of companies that recruit with Kellogg both on and off-campus and are happy to connect and provide more individualized support.

Pride@Kellogg at ROMBA

Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) is an annual conference of LGBT graduate business school students - the largest gathering of LGBT business students in the world. It is also a key recruiting channel for LGBT students at Kellogg. Each year Kellogg sends a large delegation to ROMBA in the Fall to network with employers, hear from panelists and keynote speakers, and in many cases, interview and receive job offers.