Weekend Experience Committee

Goals for 2021-2022

  • Consistently review courses offered and work with the KSA to propose updates as needed.
  • Work with Club Leaders to advocate joint club activities and course competitions.
  • Friday night or Saturday evening networking activities (hybrid and in-person format) with Alumni/ E&W Students and Faculty members.
  • Connect students with local alumni to strengthen local alumni network.
  • Work with KSA, and CMC to align students’ need on career management.

Overall Committee Objective


Innovate methods of fostering an inclusion community that transcends years, cohorts and programs.


Work with the administration to expand social and academic offerings to Weekend Students.


Improve feedback process to more effectively represent the student body.

Our Team

  • Lauren Davis
  • Naheer Ameer
  • Prithviraj Sabnis
  • Qian Gou
  • Sarah Romberg
  • Sharu Ahmed
  • Usman Khan
  • Varsha Nagaraj
  • Arif Zaman (VP of Weekend Experience)

Have Question or Feedback? Want to Join Our Team? Please Contact Arif Zaman at arif.zaman@northwestern.kellogg.edu