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Our Mission

Responsibly represent the interests of E&W Kellogg MBA students in an inclusive manner.

Provide a platform for a discussion of student concern and act as the instrument by which students may be voiced to the administration of the evening KSM program and Northwestern University.

Facilitation in the planning and implementation of student activities, including social, cultural, and educational programs designed to  supplement the academic curriculum of E&W Kellogg MBA students.

High Impact, Low Ego

Meet The Team!

  • Simona Kovatcheva
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  • Anne Frazier
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  • Megan McEvily
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  • Ryan Sakwa
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  • Sheng Li
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  • Christian Nikolopoulos
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  • Nedra Lucas
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  • Auna Harvey
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  • Nicole Gerdov
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  • Jenny Chen
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  • Ramon Torres
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  • Sam Solovy
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  • Arif Zaman
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Upcoming Events

  • May

    Industry Insight Series - Consulting - Kellogg Student Association - Evening & Weekend

    Interested in enhancing your career in a particular industry or pivoting into a new one after graduation? The KSA E&W Career Management Committee is here to support your efforts! Our sixth session as a part of the 2020-2021 Industry Insights Series will focus on Consulting. Come hear about post-MBA career life through the experiences and career journeys of Kellogg alumni and professors focusing specifically on: • State of the industry, trends, and outlook • Aspects of the industry that are compelling (what they love about their role & industry) • Career navigation advice and post-MBA options (enhance role in current field or pivot to a new industry) • Necessary and transferable skills for success in post-MBA positions The event will be held virtually via ZOOM and students will have the ability to ask questions at the end.