Technology Committee

Overall Committee Objectives

  • To work with E&W MBA administration and KIS to promote and utilize the way technology is used to improve the overall Kellogg experience.
  • Communicate and increase usage, as needed, of technology offered at Kellogg to improve the academic experience of E&W MBA students.
  • To work with E&W MBA administration to promote and improve technology applications.

2021-2022 Goals

CampusGroups App

Expand knowledge and utilization of the CampusGroups app to further enhance the Kellogg E&W experience. Initiatives include 'new student how to guide,' greater discussion at CIM, and additional resources/communication for club leaders.

Course Planning Tool (CPT)

Provide greater student insight and feedback to KIS in their upgrades of the CPT. Efforts are performed via monthly touchpoints between students and KIS, student trial of changes, and enhanced communication with the CPT team.

Overall Efficiency

Technology is an essential component of the Kellogg experience. Our goal is to continue to streamline effective communication between students and KIS in all aspects of Kellogg applications and other technology related tools.

Kellogg Essential Bookmarks

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Kellogg Useful Apps

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Kellogg Slack Instructions

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