Career Management Committee

Overall Committee Objectives

• Club Coordination: Working with clubs and the CMC to ensure that clubs are providing relevant and consistent resources for students across all industries and functions

• Communications: Developing methods to streamline career-related communications and increase awareness of resources provided by the CMC to all E&W students

• Coaching: Collaborate with the CMC to have informal discussions about career management and improve resources as necessary

• Recruiting: Understand the needs of E&W students, with respect to campus recruiting and have more discussions regarding improving the process of campus recruiting

2021 - 2022 Goals


Help students discover the right path for them by providing exposure to what is it like to work in a particular industry or in a particular function.


Allow students to have confidence in knowing how to execute to achieve their career goal post MBA.

Pay It Forward

Creating a meaningful way for students to share their resources

Our Team

Questions? Want to join our committee? Please contact Ryan Sakwa at