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At Kellogg, we pride ourselves on having a close partnership between students, faculty and our administration. In addition to our 100 clubs and student organizations, Kellogg students actively lead many conferences and case competitions and work closely with the administration on strategic initiatives for the school.

The Kellogg Student Association - Evening & Weekend (KSA) is the representative student group at Kellogg that works to coordinate these many activities on behalf of students. While every student is a member of the KSA, it is driven by the dedicated efforts of the elected leaders across six committees and the KSA Board.

Each student has the ability to run for a leadership role within the KSA starting in their first week at Kellogg, having both immediate and long-term impact on the current student experience and the direction of the school.


KSA Mission

Our mission is to be the ears and voice of the student body, using student input to work with administration and faculty to improve our experience and the Kellogg brand. 


Strategic Vision for 2017-2018

We are the engine that brings students together with the Faculty and Administration and helps each group to work in a more coordinated partnership with the other. Our vision for KSA is to be a force for making the Kellogg community more connected and coordinated across its many constituencies and organizations. 


Priority Initiatives

The KSA is hard at work on many short and long-term projects.  Primary broad initiatives include leveraging technology and student communication to:

  • Increase Academic opportunities
  • Prioritize Diversity and Inclusion
  • Enhance student access to CMC resources
  • Focus on Alumni interaction
  • Streamline speaker outreach
  • Reinforce "Kellogg Commitment"
  • Provide enhanced social networking opportunities

Additional specific initiatives are detailed on each of the Committee pages.