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EP 8: Mental Health

Linna and Alex talk about mental health: what are some of the challenges in this space and how human centered design is helping overcome some of them.


Off the Beaten Pod is a monthly podcast that explores tales of innovation and design from unexpected circumstances.


Meet the Crew

Alex Buccilli


Alex is multi-cultural and multi-ethnic citizen of the world currently in the MMM program. Interested in bringing seemingly disparate things together- Alex is also passionate about how human-centered design can be used for social impact, meaningfully designing for underrepresented populations.

Linna Ly


Linna enjoys exploring the spaces between words spoken and finding connections through stories shared. “Modern Love” helps her wind down after a long day while “How I Built This” gets her amped up to take on new challenges.

Luis Cerro


Born and raised in Peru, Luis –or Lucho for everyone at Kellogg– is pursuing a MMM degree fueled by copious amounts of coffee. In his previous life, he worked in startups and consulting based in Latin America. Passionate about storytelling, Lucho’s favorite podcasts are “Radio Ambulante”, “The Moth”, “99% invisible”, and “How I Built This”.


Executive Director & Producer:
Leo Del Real