• Disrupting the
    status quo

    Complex problems require a new way of thinking.
    IDEA club at Kellogg provides business design
    resources and experiential opportunities to produce
    the next generation of innovative leaders

Our Mission

To equip future leaders at Kellogg with an innovation toolkit to unlock business value across all industries by uncovering and solving the toughest/most ambiguous problems through human centered design.

Our Vision

Position IDEA as a tight knit collective of creatives  and innovators at Kellogg through intentional social connection, meaningful events, consistent knowledge sharing for designers of all levels, and our best-in-class design challenge.

IDEA isn’t just an MMM club nor will it ever be - we’re a welcoming place for anyone who’s curious about the world-changing power of great design.


Empower Individuals

Upskill individuals with a relevant toolkit of HCD and design thinking skills

Foster Community

Build a strong community with belonging and shared values, nerdiness around the topic of design thinking

Innovation Hub

Become the place that new ideas come to, get help from, and get recognition from

Universal Relevance

Emphasize the applicability of design to different industries and functions

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