Prospective Students

Life at Kellogg

1) What do European students do for fun at Kellogg?

European students are just as active in Kellogg's vibrant social scene as anyone else. On top of that, the European Business Club organizes special events, drinks, barbecues, etc. where students with an interest in Europe can get together and talk, network, and have fun. We also occasionally host networking events with Chicago Booth, our neighbor school.

Moreover, we are very active on partnering with other clubs such as Soccer or Rugby for sports, Lahima or MENA for regional cultures or Corck & Screw for affinities to celebrate European's values and our cultural diversity.

2) Are there a lot of second year mentors?

Second-years are among the best resources for first-years. They have gone through what you'll be going through and can help you through the process.

Given that everything at Kellogg is student-run, there is a great sense of responsibility with students to help each other out. Second years are usually extremely helpful, since they have had the same kind of counseling last year.

Most professional clubs (consulting, high-tech, banking, etc.) have programs in place to link first-years up with second-year mentors, but it is very easy to find help informally.

3) Can you update your experience with Kellogg and share with us your valuable ideas? I particularly want to know more about the activities of European students. Thanks.

The student experience at Kellogg is very collegial and inclusive. All students are encouraged to participate in clubs and social events regardless of country of origin. At the same time, the European Business Club is a great way to have fun and network with people who are interested in leaving and working in Europe and with Europeans interested in working on the US. There are many social activities organized by the European Business Club. Some examples include the European Barbeque on the Evanston lakefront in spring, cultural events in downtown Chicago, wine & cheese events, happy hours at local bars, the Mardi Gras party in Winter, and many more.