• Kellogg is the business school of choice for students who aspire to use their skills to serve the world.

Welcome to Kellogg's Social Impact Club page directed specifically toward prospective students interested in nonprofit, public management, and socially-responsible business. Below are some thoughts and advice from our club members to help aid you in your decision. We wish you the best of luck with your process, and we hope to hear from you if we can help in any way. Be sure to also check out our Q&A page for specific answers to questions that prospective students have asked us about our club and their Kellogg experience.

From traditional business backgrounds...

Many students come to Kellogg with traditional business backgrounds and a desire to use their business experience and an MBA education to contribute to the greater good. These students are finding that there are many organizations out there that have "social missions" and are interested in enhancing their workforce with employees with solid business skills. Kellogg offers opportunities for these students to explore how, where, and in what ways they can fulfill these interests while they are a student and after they graduate.

From non-traditional backgrounds...

Contrary to most people's image of the stereotypical MBA, many students arrive and succeed at Kellogg with little or no traditional "corporate" business experience prior to enrollment. In fact, it is becoming more and more common for applicants from non-traditional backgrounds to pursue MBA programs. Why? Because MBA programs offer excellent classroom instruction, cutting-edge management tools, career resources, alumni support, and valuable exposure to the language and culture of the business world.


For many Social Impact Club members, the oft-discussed Kellogg culture of teamwork, diversity, and innovation was a huge factor in choosing Kellogg over other business schools. For students interested in careers that involve helping others and working in diverse settings, the culture at Kellogg offers valuable and unique learning opportunities. Moreover, Kellogg's culture of openness makes it easy for a student with non-traditional business interests and backgrounds to fit in. Most Kellogg students have had experience working with mission-driven organizations as employees, volunteers, or board members.

Connect with us

Want to connect with a current student involved in Social Impact? Email socialimpact-club@kellogg.northwestern.edu to let us know how we can best support you in the business school application and decision process. We are happy to share additional Social Impact @ Kellogg information with you and/or help connect you with other students interested in social impact paths at Kellogg!