Common Questions Regarding Kellogg's Social Impact Club

What is the mission of Kellogg's Social Impact Club?

The Social Impact Club at Kellogg's mission is to inspire and equip emerging leaders to use the power of business to create a more socially responsible and sustainable world by:

  • Strengthening Kellogg's commitment to creating socially responsible leaders – a core pillar of Kellogg
  • Promoting experiential learning, career opportunities, speakers and conferences, and community involvement to students across all sectors
  • Creating awareness that social endeavors can be financially sustainable and generate economic value
  • Providing a network for students, alumni, academics, and professionals with a shared interest in innovative social impact

What is the difference between the Social Impact Club and the Social Impact Community?

The Social Impact Club is one of many clubs at Kellogg that are part of the Social Impact Community.

Other clubs include: Kellogg Board Fellows, Kellogg Emerging Markets Club, Education Industry Club, Environmental Sustainability Club, Global Health Initiative, Kellogg Corps, and more.

As a new student at Kellogg, how could I get involved in the Social Impact Club?

As a student at Kellogg, you can easily sign up online for the Social Impact Club listserv, which would notify you of upcoming club events, initiatives, and related information. You can then decide which events you would like to attend or pursue.

In the fall, you also will have the option of applying for a leadership position in the Social Impact Club.

What types of events does the Social Impact Club offer?

The Social Impact Club supports students looking for internships or full-time job opportunities in the social impact space by hosting several Interview Prep Groups and Career Support Groups.

We offer a number of guest speaker events from people who are socially responsible leaders. Topics have included Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Health, and Social Entrepreneurship.

Additionally, we organize an annual Social Impact Trek, which gives a group of students an opportunity to meet and network with organizations from various fields, including CSR, Nonprofit Consulting, Venture Philanthropy, and Education. Recent treks haven taken place in the Bay Area.

Finally, we have multiple social events throughout the year so that club members can have a more formal opportunity to get to know one another.