Our Committees

The WBA empowers female leaders on campus in a variety of ways. Our mission is carried out by the work done in our committees which are described in detail below.

Alumni Relations Committee

WBA’s Alumni Relations Committee is responsible for facilitating interaction between current Kellogg students and alumni, primarily through social events that will allow these two groups to connect in a comfortable environment.

Careers Uncorked Committee

The purpose of this committee is to provide a practice arena for Kellogg women to network with one another and prospective employers before on-campus recruiting begins.

Finance Committee

The mission of the Finance Committee is to effectively manage the WBA budget and fund a variety of professional, academic, and social events for women at Kellogg

International Initiatives Committee

The purpose of this committee is to ensure that women from different countries and backgrounds, including the JV community, feel at home at Kellogg.


Manbassadors was founded on the principle that men must play a role in achieving the goal of gender equality. This committee fosters an engaged community of male allies at Kellogg and equips Kellogg men to be advocates for gender equality in the workplace. Our goal is to raise awareness about gender issues and teach men how to address them thoughtfully.

Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Committee aims to foster community among women at Kellogg and facilitate opportunities for Kellogg women to learn from each other. The Mentorship Program is responsible for building and supporting mentorship groups (“WBA Pods”). WBA Pods give first year students access to a small group of first- and second-year women for support and advice and provide second years an opportunity to get to know first year women.

Partnerships Committee

The Partnerships Committee is responsible for facilitating connections between current Kellogg students and the broader community, primarily through social events to promote intersectionality among the WBA and other affinity clubs, Kellogg graduate programs, MBA peer schools, and executive women outside the Kellogg MBA alumni network. These events promote a greater sense of connection among students and provide an avenue to grow and strengthen students’ personal and professional networks outside of the WBA.

One Year Programming Committee

The 1Y Programming Committee functions as a connecter of the community of women and Manbassadors in the 1Y class to the WBA. The committee is responsible for integrating the unique needs of 1Y women into WBA programming.

Personal Development Committee

The objective of the WBA Personal Development Committee is to be the go-to resource for women at Kellogg for any of their developmental questions and needs. We seek to provide support through events, content and research, connections to fellow students, and networks with alumni and faculty. We acknowledge the vast scope that personal development covers and hope to help each Kellogg woman define what personal development looks like for them. We also appreciate that for women, the line between professional and personal life is especially blurred and will seek to provide the appropriate personal development supplement to all our professional development programming. We do not shy away from taboo topics and intend to educate and provoke thoughtful discussion.

Professional Development Committee

The purpose of this committee is to educate and train Kellogg women to achieve success in recruiting, professional networking, and job negotiations in the near term and for impactful and fruitful careers in the long term, with the goal of growing the population of women in the C-suite and boardroom.

Prospective Outreach Committee

Our mission is to make Kellogg the destination for high potential women by serving as brand ambassadors and a support system throughout the admissions process and by partnering with administration, students, and alumnae to plan and execute outreach efforts.

Strategic Initiatives Committee

This committee’s role is to research and develop initiatives around specific, relevant gender issues, with the goal of impacting the experience of entire Kellogg community.

Strategic Marketing Committee

This committee exists to increase awareness of women’s issues by developing relevant, engaging content by leveraging our communications channels to drive meaningful conversations throughout the Kellogg community and beyond.