Our Committees

The WBA empowers female leaders on campus in a variety of ways. Our mission is carried out by the work done in our committees which are described in detail below.

Mentorship and Alumni

WBA’s Alumni Relations Committee is responsible for facilitating interaction between current Kellogg students and alumni, primarily through social events that will allow these two groups to connect in a comfortable environment.

Professional Development

The purpose of this committee is to educate and train Kellogg women to achieve success in recruiting, professional networking, and job negotiations in the near term and for impactful and fruitful careers in the long term, with the goal of growing the population of women in the C-suite and boardroom.

Prospective Outreach

Our mission is to make Kellogg the destination for high potential women by serving as brand ambassadors and a support system throughout the admissions process and by partnering with administration, students, and alumnae to plan and execute outreach efforts.


The purpose of this committee is to ensure that women from different countries and backgrounds, including the JV community, feel at home at Kellogg.

Diversity & Inclusion

This committee drives the WBA's commitment to serving and uplifting all women at Kellogg. D&I liaises with 1Y and E&W WBA leadership, as well.

Strategic Marketing

This committee ensures that the WBA brand remains purpose-driven, and continues to live its mission. Strategic Marketing is also in charge of ensuring Kellogg's women are aware of and engaged with opportunities across campus.


Manages quarterly funding, scheduling, internal functions, and organizational operations. This committee holds all other committees accountable across KPIs.


Manbassadors was founded on the principle that men must play a role in achieving the goal of gender equality. This committee fosters an engaged community of male allies at Kellogg and equips Kellogg men to be advocates for gender equality in the workplace. Our goal is to raise awareness about gender issues and teach men how to address them thoughtfully.