Women around the world are taking the lead to shape how we all live, work, and advocate for ourselves. In the past year, we've seen women in Iran fight for their civil liberties, women in the U.S. and around the world advocate for reproductive rights and the right to privacy in the wake of the overturn of Roe v. Wade, women push for what they need in the workplace, and more. In 2023, the number of Fortune 500 CEOs who identify as women is at its highest point in history, the U.S. has its first ever woman Vice President, and women now hold a record number of board seats for publicly traded companies. We should celebrate our progress, but there is still so much more work to be done.

In the business world and in our global communities, more women advocating for themselves will lead to better outcomes for all. When women leaders mobilize and bring allies along with them, they are unstoppable.

During Gender Equity Week 2023, the Women's Business Association (WBA), in partnership with Gender Equity Network (GEN), is excited to host the following events which explore how to mobilize women leaders:

February 28, 2023: Language Matters Workshop

Join the GEN, P@K, WBA, and representatives from Northwestern's Women's Center to kickoff Gender Equity Week with a lunch and learn workshop covering the different ways gender bias shows up in our everyday language. We will be seeking a judgment free zone open to and encouraging of the participation of those who feel behind on their terms. We will open our discussion with a bit of history to illustrate why it is important to recognize and affirm the gender identities of your colleagues, fellow students, staff, and faculty. We will move from where you are to a place in which you can more effectively and consistently demonstrate respect through proper pronoun usage and what to do when you or others make mistakes. Time permitting, we will talk a bit about other forms of commonplace sexist language and the many ways it may intersect with ableist, racist or otherwise offensive ways of speaking. Our objective won't be to make lists of things we should and should not say, but to work together to understand the history and impact of bias in our language so that our fundamental approach to naming and describing those around us is based in dignity and able to adapt as individual terms come and go. This event is open to all Kellogg students and JVs of all gender identities!

March 6, 2023

Trailblazers Trivia: Celebrating Women of Color

Together with BMA and HMA, test your knowledge of women's history through a fun game of trivia! With a focus on women of color, work in teams to learn about and celebrate all these amazing women.

Hear My Story

Join the WBA and GEN for Hear My Story: Stories of Mobilization, on Monday, March 6th at 5:15 PM featuring inspiring Kellogg speakers talking about a time when they felt mobilized (or immobilized), when they helped mobilize a community, or were mobilized by a woman

March 7, 2023

Keynote: Romy Newman

The WBA invites you to attend our Gender Equity Week Keynote, How to Be a Gender Equality Superhero, on Tuesday, March 7th at 12:15 PM featuring Kellogg alumna Romy Newman, Chief Revenue Officer of Real, a startup working to bring effective, affordable mental health care to more Americans.

Romy has advocated for gender equality throughout her impressive career of 20+ years in business leadership, including 7 years running a venture-backed startup, Fairygodboss, the largest career community for women. She has 10+ years of experience at major US corporations, including Estée Lauder Companies, Google, and the Wall Street Journal.

In her keynote, she will share more about the business case for gender equality, how to advocate for yourself, how to negotiate compensation, and how to work with allies to advocate for change. We are excited to feature this powerful Keynote address during Gender Equity Week and look forward to welcoming all faculty, staff, administration, Kellogg students, and JVs of any gender to attend.

Lunch will be provided.

GEW International Women's Day Celebration

Join us for the WBA's annual International Women's Day Celebration during Gender Equity Week! We are excited to recognize and celebrate women on this special occasion by featuring performances by talented Kellogg women in GroupWerk and Kellogg Bands.

Light bites and two drink tickets will be provided.

  • Where: Five & Dime
  • When: 6:00-8:30pm
  • Cost: $35 for ticket with drinks, $25 for dry ticket.
  • How to attend: Register on Campus Groups. Venmo @amelia-knight and fill out this form to complete the purchase of your ticket.

March 8, 2023

WBA Families Pottery Painting

Need a study break? Need another mug to fill caffeine with? Get your WBA Family together to paint pottery and reflect on the women have inspired change.

WBA X P@K | P@K Unpacks

Together with P@K, the WBA will be having a facilitated discussion over dinner called P@K Unpacks. This discussion on a nuanced topic is intended to foster meaningful connections and to illuminate new perspectives.

March 9, 2023: Her Personal Finance

Please join us on Thursday, March 9th from 5:15-6:15pm for an informative session led by Eryn Schultz of Her Personal Finance to learn more about personal investing and common mistakes to avoid. As we look at now and beyond Kellogg, the role our financial decisions will take in enabling our success will increase. Whether we're mobilizing through starting our own businesses or managing towards future financial freedom, sound personal investing could not be more important.

Eryn is a 2015 graduate from Harvard Business School. She started Her Personal Finance to help fellow MBAs learn how to manage their own finances (not just a corporate balance sheet). Through her online classes, she has helped hundreds of women pay off student loans, navigate their 401K plan, and finally understand the difference between a stock and an ETF. You can follow her on Instagram for a daily dose of fun financial education, and her work has been featured on NPR, Real Simple, and CNBC.

March 10, 2023: TG

GEW sponsored TG

  • Where: Gordon's Marketplace
  • When: 5:00-7:00pm
  • How to attend: Register on Campus Groups