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Thank you for visiting our website! We are glad you thought of us. The Southeast Asia Club has a membership of more than 100 Kellogg MBA students from Southeast Asia or who are interested in working in Southeast Asia after graduation. Please feel free to contact either of our co-presidents listed below if you would like to host an event at Kellogg or disseminate information regarding opportunities at your organization.

Hosting an event with us
We welcome proposals to host events such as lunch-and-learns, speaker panels and networking events. Please get in touch with us!

Summer internships
First-year students are available for internships during our summer break from mid-June to mid-August. The recruiting cycle for summer internships normally begins with information sessions and networking opportunities in October-November, followed by interviews in January-February and offers in March.

Full-time positions
Kellogg graduates are available from mid-June. While we appreciate hearing about opportunities throughout the year, about 60% of the graduating class accept job offers before December, so it is recommended to target students as early as possible in the academic year (September - June).

Note to recruiters
We reserve the right to determine if your opportunities are relevant to our club members. If you would like us to communicate information regarding an event to our members, please allow a lead time of at least two weeks: one week for us to include your announcement in our newsletter, and one week for students to respond (if needed).