Welcome to the Southeast Asia Club at the Kellogg School of Management!

About us

The Southeast Asia Club was established in 2013 to connect Kellogg students from Southeast Asia or who are interested in Southeast Asia. Our members comprise Southeast Asians as well as students of nationalities from all over the world.

The Southeast Asia Club aims to

- Channel recruiting opportunities in Southeast Asia to the Kellogg community,

- Promote Kellogg among prospective students and recruiters in Southeast Asia, and

- Create a strong alumni network for the Southeast Asian population at Kellogg

- Promote Southeast Asian culture to the greater Kellogg community

  • Anawin Thaisangsa nga
    Chief of Staff Email
  • Patty Manutsathit
    VP Career Email
  • Tina He
    VP Events Email
  • Jett Dumalaog
    VP Social Email
  • Yanika Limsiri
    VP Events Email
  • Kenn So
    Director Careers Email
  • An Nguyen
    VP Social Email
  • Tess Tantrativud
    Co-President Email
  • Savita Patitus
    VP Marketing Email