Honor code


The students of the Kellogg School of Management regard honesty and integrity as qualities essential to the practice and profession of management. The purpose of the Kellogg Honor Code is to promote these qualities so that each student can fully develop his or her individual potential. The Honor Code allows freedom and allows our community to collaborate with confidence. Kellogg has one Honor Code which applies to all Kellogg students regardless of their program

Tenets of the Honor Code

The Honor Code has 6 core tenets by which all students are required to abide.

  1. Treat each member of the Kellogg Community with respect
  2. Act honestly and do not to seek an unfair advantage over other students, including but not limited to giving or receiving unauthorized aid during completion of academic requirements
  3. Represent oneself truthfully at all times
  4. Act with personal integrity and good judgment at all school related activities – on and off campus
  5. Respect and responsibly use individual, school and community facilities and resources
  6. To uphold the Kellogg Honor Code by reporting all material violations, and by fully cooperating with and protecting confidentiality of any Honor Code proceedings