Honor Code Committee

The Honor Code Committee is responsible for:

  • Interpreting the Honor Code;
  • Promoting the values of the Honor Code through communication with Kellogg students, faculty and administrators;
  • Serving as representatives of the student body on all issues pertaining to the Honor Code;
  • Assisting in investigations of suspected Honor Code violations;
  • Determining possible violations of the Honor Code; and
  • Recommending sanctions as appropriate.

The Honor Code Committee is school-wide and consists of students from all Kellogg masters level programs, faculty and administrators;

  • Led by one or two co - chairs from each of the Kellogg masters programs (EMBA, FT MBA, and E&W MBA);
  • Comprised of the following additional members:
    • 8 EMBA Student Reps (4 from Evanston and 4 from Miami);
    • 7 FT MBA students (3 first years, 1-2 second years and 1 One - Year),
    • 5 E&W MBA students;
    • 2 MSMS student;
    • Faculty members; and
    • Student Life Advisors from EMBA, FTMBA, E&W MBA and MSMS.

The Honor Code Committee members are selected by a specific process or appointment:

  • Student representatives are selected through an application process
    • Interview and selection process is managed by the Honor Code Committee Co-Chairs and Student Affairs Advisor of their respective program.
  • Faculty members will be identified by the Senior Associate Dean for Teaching and Curriculum.
  • Student Affairs Advisors will be appointed by the Associate Dean of MBA Programs.
  • The Honor Code Committee Co-Chairs will be selected by the outgoing Co-Chairs and Student Affairs Advisor for each respective program.