Passionate about TV, Film, Music, or Gaming? Welcome to the Kellogg Media & Entertainment Club!

What we're all about

Feel a Sense of Belonging

Within a community of students with a shared interest in media and entertainment

Explore Careers in the Industry

Whether you're 100% looking for a M&E role, or just exploring, we're here to help!

Learn About the Industry

Educational, developmental, and networking opportunities

Have Lots of Fun Together!

At the end of the day, we hope everyone gets what they want out of the club while having a great time


The Kellogg School of Management's Media & Entertainment Club (MEC) is committed to helping students feel a sense of belonging among a community of students with the shared interest of media and entertainment, explore careers in the industry, and push themselves outside their comfort zones through educational, developmental, and networking opportunities.

We inform students of recruiting opportunities, build alumni-student mentor relationships, host speakers from across the industry, and foster media education at Kellogg. We are committed to being the primary resource and platform for students to converse on issues facing media & entertainment organizations, exchange ideas and develop extensive social networks.